The Genetics Tutorial Page

This page is a review site authored by Pat Wells and reviewed by David Stinson, Brian Power and Carolyn Huggan. Within this site you will find links to the main topics of genetics required within the 3201 Biology curriculum and the A.P. Biology curriculum. This resource should be used to help prepare for tests and to help find weaknesses in your understanding of genetics. If you need help, come see me for assistance :-)

Resource Links

Get the fundamentals! Practice Crosses with solutions to help you understand basic genetics crosses.


What is Karyotyping?

Mendel and his Laws

Mitosis Page and Mitosis Flash Animation!

Meiosis Flash Animation.

Independent Assortment Animation.

For Teachers - Great Animation Site.

Questions? Try your best but if you are really stuck, send me an email - This page was updated on April 15th, 2008.